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Dow Jones Futures: Treasury Yields Jump; 7 Top Stocks To Buy And Watch Now

BEAR MARKET UPDATE: - May 26 was a strong follow-through day for the Nasdaq, with the stock gaining 2.7 percent on greater volume and kicking off a fresh uptrend.

The positive move's momentum has slowed over the last few days, but the proven uptrend is still in place. Investors can now begin buying top equities that have broken out past their correct buy prices.


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But don't go all-in on the stock market. Instead, increase your exposure gradually by allowing each stock buy to show itself. 

the fangs emerge to drag most stocks down.

Bear markets are usually painful by definition. In contrast to bull markets, in which most equities rise in value, in a bear market

In fact, three out of every four equities will fall during a bear market, according to history.

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However, as the bad market persists, investors should concentrate on two main goals.

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To begin, learn when to sell stocks to minimize losses and maximize profits.

Second, be ready to profit when the market recovers.

To do so, read The Big Picture and Market Pulse every day to stay on top of market trends and hot stocks.

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Stock Market Today, which is updated numerous times throughout each trading day

may also keep you up to date on the newest developments.