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POSTED BY: Shashank Singh PUBLISHED: 04.08.2022

Doing Squats Every Day For Strong Legs

Squatting is a very basic fundamental activity that every human being should be capable of doing REGULARLY!

That being said, is it even okay to squat everyday? the answer is yes, we generally squat our bodyweight multiple times a day while doing normal activities.

And performing squats in the gym has only one difference, that is- we generally use some additional weights!

Now a days so many people suffer from knee pain, even people who regularly workout do suffer from knee pain.

And the knee pain could be because of many reasons but one of the most common one is not using your knees enough.

And squatting everyday helps exactly with that, if you are performing any kind of squat and you do it everyday then you are creating a lot of blood flow in your knees on a regular basis.

Combine that with a good nutrition and you will never have knee pain again (even when you get old), until and unless you have had some knee injuries in the past.

But what about building muscles? Squatting everyday also helps in building muscles quicker, and this is mainly because of 2 reasons:

1. Increased protein synthesis squatting everyday keeps your protein synthesis elevated throughout the week , which not only result in bigger legs but it also makes losing fat easier.

2. Decrease Myostatin Protein Every human being makes myostatin protein, which insures that our muscles don't get big, squatting everyday helps in decreasing the production of myostatin.

Caution: if you choose to squat everyday, don't go too heavy more than once a week and keep the intensity low, this will avoid any overuse problems and will help you get better and stronger lower body