8 Healthy Ice Cream Toppings You Haven't Tried yet


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POSTED BY: Shashank Singh

PUBLISHED: Jun 19, 22

Spinach is an excellent food to include in your diet. 

This lush green vegetable is available all year and is high in vitamins and minerals.

Flat-leaf and savoy spinach are the two most common varieties.

It's normally savoy spinach when you buy fresh, bunched spinach at the grocery store.

Savoy spinach leaves are wrinkled and curled in appearance

Flat spinach, sometimes known as baby spinach, is a popular vegetable in the United States 

and is frequently marketed in bags, cans, or frozen form.

Here are some health benefits of spinach

1. Lower Blood Pressure 2. Healthy Eyes 3. Improved Cognition 4. Healthy Bones 5. Healthy Skin 6. Healthy Blood