How Much Chocolate Can You Eat Everyday?


Health & Wellness

POSTED BY: Shashank Singh

PUBLISHED: Jun 25, 22

A healthy individual can have chocolate on a daily basis, depending on the dosage and content of the chocolate.

Because cocoa beans are high in magnesium and fibre, they encourage the production of endorphins and serotonin, which are essential for reducing stress.

Nutritionists advise ingesting little amounts of chocolate frequently for general health purposes, as chocolate is a good stress reliever.

Adult men and women without health issues should consume no more than 30 to 50g of dark chocolate daily.

High physical activity permits a 1.5 times rise in the norm. No more than 20g of milk and white chocolate per day are advised by doctors

You can eat chocolate whenever you want, but you should try to avoid eating an entire kilogramme at once.

Be wary of your daily consumption since it also includes a significant amount of calories and fat. Additionally, processing varies from brand to brand of chocolate.