You're Making 6 Hydration Mistakes While Exercising


Health & Wellness

POSTED BY: Shashank Singh

PUBLISHED: Jun 18, 22

It's crucial to be hydrated all of the time, but especially when you're working out.

You could become dehydrated if you don't drink enough fluids before, during, and after exercise, especially if you're sweating a lot. 

According to Jamie Hickey, a NASM-certified personal trainer and registered dietician at Truism Fitness in Philadelphia

dehydration "plays a significant part in mental and physical wellness.

Everything in your body, from your muscles to your cells to your cognitive function, is compromised

 when you're dehydrated, he says, adding that dehydration can also make you tired and make you lose motivation.

1. You don't drink enough water before, during, and after your workout. 2. You don't think about how you'll stay hydrated.  3. You don't replenish electrolytes that have been lost. 4. You Didn't Pick the Correct Sports Drink 5. Magnesium Isn't Getting Enough 6. You Consume Alcohol Following a Workout