Weight Loss : 5 Proven Ways To Smart Weight Loss

Weight loss
Weight loss- Backed by Science

When it comes to losing weight, there are so many weight loss diet plans available on the internet that choosing the right one is very difficult and secondly these weight loss programs will only give you short-term results and will not work after some weeks.

And when it comes to losing weight, it is something that takes time, effort, and consistency, and most of the diet plans are very difficult to follow, so in order to reach your weight loss goal, it is very important to make some lifestyle changes that are 1. easy to make, and 2. easy to follow, so that you can be consistent with them.

Today we will give you 5 proven ways to lose weight that will help you shred fat not only in the short run but also in the long run and these lifestyle changes are for all age groups and all genders.

1. Drinking More Water For Weight Loss

Drinking more water is extremely good not only for weight loss but also for general health. How much water should you drink for losing weight? there are a lot of guidelines as to how much water you should drink, but the best guideline that works for every age group and gender is to go by the color of your urine, If it’s dark yellow, you aren’t drinking enough. Aim for light yellow.

Benefits of drinking water (according to science)

  • Water helps in suppressing your appetite resulting in fewer calorie intake.
  • Drinking water also stimulates your metabolism which is great for fat loss.
  • Drinking water could help reduce your overall liquid calorie intake.
  • Drinking water helps during exercise.
  • Water helps the body remove waste effectively.
  • Water helps the body to burn fat as your body needs water to burn fat.
  • Water may improve motivation and reduce stress.
  • Water keeps your skin looking younger and healthier.
  • Water leads to better brain functioning.
  • Water also helps in regulating blood pressure.

2. Eating More Vegetables For Weight Loss

When it comes to eating vegetables—Mom was right. They’re good not only for general health purposes but also for losing weight as they are relatively fewer calories than other food options available, which means you are consuming overall fewer calories which is exactly what you want when it comes to losing weight, now this doesn’t mean that you should only eat vegetables it simply means just try to eat more veggies than usual.

If you’re looking for some fat-burning foods then gree veggies are the answer.

Benefits of Eating More Veggies (according to science)

  • Contain fewer calories, therefore, helps in weight loss.
  •  Contain a lot of fibers, which is great for gut health.
  • Improves your skin, keeps your skin looking younger and healthier.
  •  Keeps your brain young and healthy.
  • Improves the health of your eye, better eyesight.
  • Improves blood pressure and helps to avoid problems with blood pressure.
  • Benefit for blood sugar.
  • Helps in avoiding heart diseases.
  •  Reduce the risk of cancer.
  • Improve your immune health.
  • Decreases your inflammation, which is a key driver of many chronic diseases.

3. Avoiding Junk Food For Weight Loss

Now, this shouldn’t be a shocker to anyone of you, you might have heard your parents saying “don’t eat junk food or else you’ll get fat” and if you haven’t heard that in your entire life then, now you know why you are putting on that unwanted fat, but jokes apart, avoid junk food as much as possible, as these foods contain very high calories.

Completely avoiding junk food is not very practical especially for someone who has been eating this food very frequently, but controlling the amount of junk food you eat is easier, and with time you’ll learn to avoid junk food.

4. Eating More Protein For Weight Loss

Your gym trainer was right! Eat more protein, when it comes to weight loss the most important factor for losing those pounds is eating fewer calories and burning more calories and that’s exactly what eating high protein does. Protein actually makes you lose weight, even without conscious calorie restriction

Protein decreases your calorie intake as eating higher protein reduces your appetite therefore you eat fewer calories and simultaneously increase your calorie expenditure to digest and metabolize protein your body needs to burn more calories.

Benefits of Eating More Protein (according to science)

  • Protein increases your fat loss hormones.
  • It takes more calories to digest and Metabolize Protein.
  • More protein=more calories burned.
  • Protein reduces appetite and makes you eat fewer calories.
  • Protein reduces your cravings and desire for late-night snacking.
  • Protein makes you lose weight, even without conscious calorie restriction.
  • Protein helps in long-term fat loss, as it prevents your metabolism from slowing down and helps in retaining muscle.

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5. Being More Active For Weight Loss

All of the above points were some lifestyle changes which will help you to lose weight but being more active is the most important of them all, being more active is great not only for weight loss but for general fitness as well.

Being more active is not as difficult as people think, you certainly don’t need a gym to be more active, just try to stand up and move, whenever you are reading something or watching any video just walk and do that, simple!

Benefits of Being More Active (according to science)

  • Great for weight loss and fat loss.
  • Prevents the risk of many chronic diseases like type II diabetes and cancer. 
  • lower your risk of falls 
  • Controls your blood pressure.
  • Decrease your blood Cholesterol level.
  • Make your bones stronger, and lowers the risk of developing osteoporosis 
  • Better recovery from periods of hospitalization or bed rest 
  • Reduces the risk of heart attacks.
  • Feel better – with more energy, a better mood, feel more relaxed and sleep better. 

6. Eating Slowly For Weight Loss

Since you made it this far we’ve got an additional tip for you which is eating your meals slowly, cause when you eat slowly it is very difficult to over-eat and this will save you some calories every meal and if you find it very difficult to eat slow then try eating with your non-dominant hand, ad this will make it difficult to eat fast.

Is Losing Weight Difficult?

Losing weight can become difficult if you focus on the wrong things and short term fixes, always remember, losing weight is a long process, and sticking to the things that are easy to follow and things that you can do consistently for a long period of time is very important, this way you can make you weight loss journey easy.

If you are always in a need of a magic diet that will help you lose weight then chances are you will find a diet like that but the hard pill to swallow is that those diets will only work for short-run and will be extremely difficult to stick to, making you weight loss journey 1. very difficult 2. unsuccessful.

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